Setting Rules

We currently use the following Setting Rules:

  • Critical Failures – Rolling a double 1 means you can’t spend a benny
  • Golden Bennies – This is a custom rule. Golden Bennies are given out to players for doing helpful things with the campaign including but not limited to doing Adventure Logs, updating the Wiki and creating art for the campaign. A Golden Bennie may be spent on critical failures, to re-roll damage and to automatically soak a wound.

Awards give benefits within the legion and empire. When an award is granted the character gains 5XP and gets + 2 to his Charisma when wearing the honor ( + 4 for the Corona Graminea).

  • Corona Muralis – Awarded to the first soldier to scale walls of besieged enemy fortification
  • Corona Navalis – Awarded to the first soldier to board an enemy ship
  • Corona Civica – Awarded to soldiers that save the lives of 8+ fellow soldiers in battle
  • Corona Graminea – Grass Crown woven from battlefield grass, awarded to sodiers whose actions save an entire legion.
  • Triumph – The greatest honor available is a parade in the capital. Must be of Legatus rank and score a major victory over a foreign power or invader.

Setting Rules

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