Humans – Humans make up the vast majority of Agora and almost all citizens of the Agoran Empire are Human. Many humans live outside of the imperial structure however. Plainsmen for instance are free men within the Empire but are not counted as citizens.

Elves – The Elves of Agora live mostly in the northern regions of the empire. They are all considered free men but very few are counted as citizens. Little is known by the common Agoran about the Elves other than they have a remote city named Goldenvale within the northern woods.

Dwarves – Dwarves are found in all parts of Agora and many have become citizens. The Dwarven penchant for marvelous feats of engineering have endeared them to the Empire and they can be found within auxiliaries of Legions, working as city planners, and many other occupations. Most Dwarves still live within their mountain homes from which they trade goods made from precious metals and gems for gold and other items.

Beholden – The Beholden are former humans that have been chosen by Agora. In exchange for their unswerving loyalty and commitment to her the goddess grants them power beyond the kin of mortal man. The Beholden are treated with deference and respect by all within the Empire. The Beholden are often seen in the company of priests or priestesses of Agora and the average citizen treats them with awe and fear. Enemies of the empire and of Agora are always on the lookout for The Beholden to capture or kill. Many rival deities and rulers would love to get their hands on a Beholden.


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