Legions of Agora

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Welcome to the Island-Continent of Agora, a land where legions of men protect the land and its inhabitants from demons, monsters and invasions from the Far North and the armies of the Southern Gods. The goddess Agora, from whom the land gets its name, protects the land and empowers her protectors to defeat these threats and protect those who live within her borders.

For many years the Eight Legions have been able to keep the peace, but now trouble stirs. The Southern Gods are no longer content with their small domains and seek to gain a foothold within the lands of Agora. Creatures of myth in the Far North stir, threatening to wreak havoc upon the peaceful northern cities along with the elves, dwarves and other races who coexist there.

Only a few, the Chosen of Agora, have the power to bolster the Legions and bring the people safely through these times, but even they must struggle beyond their limits and find untapped sources of strength and courage if the good people of Agora are to survive.

Legions of Agora

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